Nanabanyin Ackon

Senior Associate


Nanabanyin Ackon, Esq., serves as a respected attorney at Marfo and Associates, bringing an extensive legal background and a distinguished educational history to his practice. Nanabanyin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA Hons) in Sociology with History from the University of Ghana, complemented by a Bachelor of Law from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). His professional qualifications also include a Professional Law Certificate conferred by the General Legal Council.

Nanabanyin’s professional journey is marked by a diverse skill set and progressive experience across various legal domains. Specializing in Civil Litigation, he adeptly handles complex legal disputes, consistently achieving successful outcomes. In the field of Corporate Law Practice, Nanabanyin demonstrates a deep understanding of corporate intricacies, providing strategic guidance to clients navigating the complexities of Business and Corporate Law; a subject area he has taught since 2016.

His expertise extends to labor-related issues where he showcases a nuanced comprehension of Employment Law, ensuring equitable and just resolutions in workplace matters. In the realm of Criminal Law, Nanabanyin leverages his legal acumen to address criminal cases, offering robust defense as dictated by the situation.

Nanabanyin is also well-versed in Commercial Contracts, applying a meticulous approach to drafting and negotiating contracts that withstand legal scrutiny. Additionally, he contributes his legal expertise to Matrimonial Matters, guiding clients through the intricacies of family law with empathy and proficiency.

As a committed legal professional, Nanabayin Ackon, Esq., remains dedicated to refining his skills, and staying abreast of legal developments to offer clients the highest quality representation. His unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with his diverse skill set, positions him as a valuable asset in the legal landscape.

Nanabanyin is a part-time Lecturer at the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Accountancy House) where he teaches Business & Corporate Law.

Pratice Areas

  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law